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We recently responded to an emergency for a French Bulldog in distress. The poor dog was taking a leisurely stroll on the Venice Beach Boardwalk with his guardian. After awhile the dog became lethargic and refused to go further. He started to vomit and have diarrhea. He was taken to the shade of a local store where we found him panting, drooling in pain with a fever of 104.7! He was stabilized and transported to the emergency hospital where heroic efforts were initiated to save the poor guy, but in spite of valiant efforts he passed away. This dog was a small brachycephalic breed (short-muzzled) and was black in color. These two factors made him prone to heat stroke. His inability to cool down from underperforming airways and the fact he was a dark color absorbing more heat than lighter colors made him more prone to organ damage. Please take care to shield your pets, especially like this one, from the hot summer sun and never leave a pet in a vehicle even with the windows open for air.

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