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Why You Should Take Your Pet To Vet Check-Ups

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We know all too well that pets are basically children, and we love them just as much! However, unlike a human, pets cannot verbally communicate when they are feeling unwell. When you have a strong relationship with your pet, it is easier to know when they are acting differently. Yet, there are many times when behaviors go unnoticed, indicating that a pet needs to seek treatment in order to live their best life. That is why routine check-ups are so important in ensuring their health. Read more to learn about PriVET and how we can help keep your pet in the Los Angeles and Orange County area happy and healthy!

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Benefits of Regular Check-Ups

Taking your pet to regular check-ups is important to do, not just when you suspect that something is wrong. Too often, things can go unnoticed and if left untreated, can result in the worst-case scenario. Routine check-ups ensure not only the health of your pet, but their happiness, too! Their happiness results in better behavior, which can help strengthen your relationship with them, making them into the pet that you have always dreamed of having.


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How Often Should You Go

You should be taking your pet to check-ups at least once a year. Of course, every pet is going to have different needs resulting in different amounts of necessary check-ups. If you have a healthy pet, attending a check-up at least once a year ensures that they are remaining happy and healthy, giving them the best quality and longevity of life.

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Other Options

Taking pets to check-ups can result in an anxiety-filled experience for both you and your pet. Many pets change their behavior once they realize where they are, making the check-up more complicated and potentially not as helpful. PriVET offers mobilized vet services, allowing you and your pet to remain in the comfort of your home! This option is great for pets who get anxious when they go to the vet and for pets that don’t do well in public settings. Our experts want to make the experience as easy as possible to fit the needs of you and your pet!

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Why You Should Choose PriVET

At PriVET, we offer mobile routine and emergency daytime care services. Our services are customized to your needs, making check-ups as convenient as possible. Our staff of experts are reliable and trusted so that you can rest easy knowing that your beloved pet is in the best hands!

Contact us now to learn more about the services we offer and to schedule your pet’s routine check-up today!

What Makes PriVET Los Angeles’ Top Mobile Veterinarian?

A woman and a veterinarian with cat

What Makes PriVET Los Angeles’ Top Mobile Veterinarian?

PriVET Los Angeles is the mobile vet of choice for many pet owners in Southern California. Dr. Steve Weinberg and his team provide mobile veterinarian services to both cats and dogs, with a special focus on providing care in the home environment where pets feel most comfortable. The mobile vets at PriVEt are experienced professionals who have been working with animals for decades and understand that every animal deserves the utmost care no matter what their age or health condition may be. So what exactly is it that makes PriVET Los Angeles’ Top Mobile Veterinarian?

A young dog being checked by a vet

Mobile Vet Care Advantage

Our house-call service provides pets with a less stressful method of receiving necessary medical attention, as one of our licensed veterinarians will come to your home or workplace and treat your pet in the comfort of their own environment that feels safe and familiar to them. Every stage of your pet’s life, from basic services to emergency house visits, our animal experts are dedicated to providing first-rate care. If your four-legged companion is hesitant to go on a car trip or visit a veterinarian’s office, a home visit with our certified pet experts might be the best option. 

A vet and a cat close together

We’re Certified Veterinarians

Our mobile vet team includes both Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians who are highly trained, certified, licensed, and insured which means you can rest assured knowing your pet is receiving the best care possible. Having a certified veterinarian in charge of your pet’s appointment and care means that any medical procedures will be performed by a trained professional who understands the risks and benefits of each treatment option. 

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Providing Specialty In-Home Service

Whether it’s an emergency or not, your mobile vet will be able to come directly to you and provide the care that your cat or dog needs. This is especially helpful for clients who have limited mobility, are unable to take time off work, have transportation issues, elderly pets struggling with age related ailments, or animals who suffer from anxiety during standard in-office veterinarian appointments. Our network of specialists allows us to accommodate all of your veterinary needs, from pet transport services to emergency house calls.

A collie and a male vet

Vet Care You Can Trust With Your Pets

We realize how important your pet is to your family, which is why we want to be a long-term partner in their health care. We know that each animal is unique, which is why we tailor all of our medical treatments to fit the specific demands of your pet. PriVET Los Angeles, you can trust that your pet is getting the best possible care from highly trained and certified team members each time they visit.

Mobile veterinarian services are a great alternative to standard veterinary clinics for those who want their pets’ needs taken care of in the comfort of their own home. PriVET Los Angeles’ attention to detail and passion for your dog or cat is what makes us the number one choice for mobile pet care in the area.

Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 PANDEMIC:  We are still in operation helping sick pets using the safest protocol for all by limiting human contact as much as possible and are equipped with N95 Masks and gloves. Dogs are examined in an open space like a garage, backyard, side yard, courtyard or just outside your door. Hand us the dog on a leash and we will take it from there. If the dog is too large to move, we will come into the home and you can stand back 6 plus feet. Cats are examined in a bathroom. We ask that you clear off counters and supply a clean towel. We disinfect and provide a pee pad for the sink. We walk straight into the bathroom, assess the situation, discuss the plan of action (from a distance or by phone), and perform diagnostics and treatments in situ. Payment is handled by dispatch. Please call for further details.

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